Hey Sister, lets restore function in your MomCORE!

This is your whole body, restorative program with low impact core/pelvic floor focused workouts, functional movement, posture, and cardio workouts that energize and pour into your cup! I made this program for new or seasoned mamas, its never too late to heal!

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by Jesse Truelove


Who is Jesse Truelove

Hey sister, Im honored you are here and Im so grateful you stopped by to consider my app for your healing journey!

I am a double c-section mama and have almost 10 years in the fitness industry not including my time as a competitive gymnast. I hold Kinesiology & Business degrees, NASM Certified Trainer, Womens Fitness Specialist, Pre/Post Natal certified, core and Pelvic floor Corrective Exercise Specialist, other pelvis related certifications and I am a certified gymnastics coach!

I have coached and assessed thousands of women's postures and breathing patterns, through this season of life.

My goal is to help mamas regain the confidence and strength to get back to their regular scheduled duties, workouts and life with a strong mind, core, pelvic floor that works!

Motherhood is hard enough, physically and mentally. You do not need to live with peeing your pants, the “mommy belly”, back pain or FEAR of exercise.

Mama, you can do it all and have a functional body to do it in. Learn how to breath effectively, lift efficiently, change habits & love yourself a little more along the way. Restoring Function can help you put more FUN back into life!



Made for Moms

No "bounce back" culture here. Take the MomCORE Program at your own pace, with realistic, acheiveable On-demand workouts in 35min or less daily!

Restore your function

Function literally puts the FUN back into life. If you want to run & jump with your kids again pad & pain free, this is the program for you!

Whole Body Love

My workouts will energize you NOT deplete you! In addition to core & functional workouts you'll also have access to: c-section & prolapse protocols, TLC flows, pelvic floor specific videos and breathing breakdown!

C-section Scar Protocols

6Mo PP using manual tissue work

October 2021

Started using new techniques

April 2022

Improvements in scar thickness & color

October 2022

These are my personal scars! I have two.

Get all my NEW techniques only in my app!


What to Expect

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Affordable & Stress Free

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You can join my app and community for FREE for the first 7 days. After that, you'll pay $14.99/month or $99.99/year.That breaks down to just $0.49 a day or $0.27 a day — less than your morning cup of coffee!

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What is the MomCORE Program like?


This is a whole body restorative program with on-demand, follow along, low impact core/pelvic floor focused workouts, functional movement, posture, and cardio workouts. I created this for anyone that has been pregnant/delivered a baby OR is experiencing core and pelvic floor dysfunction.

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I'm a beginner, newly postpartum, or 10+ years postpartum, is MomCORE for me?


MomCORE is for any level of fitness. Plus, I walk you through all exercises with easy-to-follow videos. This means you’ll be able to do all the moves easily, accurately, and safely. **If you are newly postpartum (c-section included), you can begin when you are ready according to the ACOG! Listen to your body and special requests from your OB

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Do I need Equipment?


Yes! You'll need equipment to get started! Bench (or chair/couch), Dumbbells 3-5 lb and 8- 10lb, Loop resistance band, Long resistance band with handles, Small inflated ball

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I'm Pregnant, can I do the MomCORE Program?


Sure can!! There are so many benefits to exercise during pregnancy for you and your baby! Another thing to keep in mind is that each mamas fitness level and tolerance level is different. There really aren't hard rules for exercises that are off limits during pregnancy. Listen to your body, take breaks as needed, look for signs of intolerance like belly coning or doming, refrain from laying on your belly once it become uncomfortable! If you need more modifications during workouts, reach out to me and id be happy to help!

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